4 Nov

Do Web Designers Like WordPress?

wordpress-logoThe question here is very simple, do web designers like WordPress? Well, even though the question itself might be easy to understand, the same cannot be said when it comes to the answers that you would then get if you conducted a survey of a number of web designers.

The difficulty here is that there are mixed feelings about WordPress and it all depends on which side of the fence you personally fall on. On the one hand, there are undoubtedly a number of web designers that absolutely swear by it. On the other hand, there are those that prefer to use HTML5 or CSS as their way of creating websites and they would never even dream of touching WordPress.

So, how do we answer this question?

In order to do so, we have to look at the reasons as to why web designers may very well enjoy using this program and there are certainly a number of very powerful reasons as to why this would be the case.

Now, you have to remember that WordPress has been used to build millions of websites across the world and there is no doubt that it is able to produce some pretty stunning websites that are very effective and, best of all, they work.

The Reasons Why Some Web Designers Like WordPress.

First, there is the ease of use and when you are able to work your way around the interface then there is no doubt that making changes to designs and layouts is made so much easier when you use WordPress. It really is just a case of clicking and changing things as the core of the website is run by WordPress so it just makes it feel as if nothing can go wrong.

Also, thanks to the number of plugins that are available it does mean that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the things that can be included on the site. It allows web designers to include forums, various ways to display images, videos, contact forms, and so many other things and all of the hard work is done for them.

There is another important point and that is the use of templates or themes that then act as the framework. This can speed up the entire process of designing a website as you know that the framework is going to work in advance and that in itself removes so much stress. A good designer will still customize the entire website but they know that the core engine is working and that is a huge thing.

The final main reason is that these sites have a tendency to contain fewer errors in the coding so things are going to flow more easily when it comes to the actual designing. This is a massive weight off the shoulders of designers who previously had to sit and pour over the coding just looking for that one small mistake that was destroying everything.

The Reasons Why Some Web Designers Hate WordPress.

In the interest of fairness, we also have to look at reasons as to why some web designers just hate WordPress as there are those out there that have this particular train of thought. To them, this kind of plug and play web design does not allow for the real skills of the web designer who used to be involved in creating the framework and starting from scratch.

For one, clients are mistakenly led to believe that they need optimized web hosting for WordPress, which can lead to unnecessary demands from the clients and expenses. Hosting companies have recently been pushing the idea that you need ‘wordpress hosting‘, which you don’t. GoDaddy is one of the main culprits, so here is a discount code page where you can pay them less. This is mainly because we don’t like what they’re doing.

Furthermore, they also feel that there is much less ability to customize things from the ground up and that is a disappointment to them. They feel restricted and confined by the limitations of the frameworks that are put forward by WordPress. They feel that their ability to actually design and code is being limited so they prefer to use other programming languages that allows them to do what they want and control every aspect of the design.

Overall, it has to be said that there is no definitive answer as to whether or not designers love WordPress. You could ask 20 designers and you would get a mixed bag. There is no doubt that WordPress has changed the game when it comes to web design and it has made it easier for those with no knowledge or experience of web design to have a go. Just because of that alone it is certainly something that should be accepted just do not see it as a lazy way out if you are a professional web designer as that is certainly not the case.

13 Jan

Our New Focus: Daily Deal and Coupon Websites

We at Chamadigital.com are Adding a New Field of Expertise.

This is an exciting announcement. The talented people at Chama Digital are fresh from a company meeting where we have been given the green-light to create a ‘daily-deal and coupon website’ division. This means that we’ll be creating high quality deals sites (think Livingsocial or Couponcabin.com). This means that if you or someone you know wants tao take advantage of this growing market, we will create a high-converting, quality website that will give you a leg up on the competition.

Why The New Change?

This isn’t a change in focus at Chama Digital. We still create amazing medical and real estate websites. But we wanted to expand our reputation and create coupon sites as well.

Part of the motivation comes from our CTO’s frustration with current Coupon sites. Frederick Wall (our Chief Technology Officer) was trying to find a discount code for an Amazon purchase, and he came across dozens of low quality websites like Retailmenot.com that had long expired codes that you needed to click to reveal.

That whole exercise in frustration made him realize that the only way you can make a change is to ‘be the change’. So we’ve been working on several mock-ups for coupon sites that will revolutionize how user’s will interact with these websites.

Our Inspirations:

While it’s a little early to discuss specifics, we’d like to share our inspirations behind our new Coupon website layouts:

1. Groupon

groupon website layout
Groupon’s website has personalized recommendations.

Groupon’s website is great to use, even if you’re on your mobile phone. The site uses geo-targeting to detect where you are and only show you offers that are relevant to you.

If you’re in San Francisco, you don’t want to view deals for haircuts in Iowa (at least, most of the time). This ensures that they don’t waste valuable screen real estate on non-relevant content. We are working on a system that will deliver our client’s a similar functionality for their websites.

2. Goodsearch.com

Goodsearch lives up to its name by adding philanthropy to their business model. As a customer, you can choose which charity your savings will go to. You can even support worthy causes by doing your regular shopping, and by clicking on a certain button ‘they call it ‘Goodshop’ you can support a local theatre, for example. They somehow find a way to make customers feel great about shopping online.

12 Dec

About Chama Digital

We won’t go through the history of our company (we did that on our home page). No, we’d like to give you the nuts and bolts of how our company does our business. We believe that the more transparent we are, the more customers trust us. We are honestly doing above and beyond to make our customers’ websites into outstanding business assets.

Image Usage:

Many companies have professional photographers on retainer that they will spend tens of thousands of dollars on…and pass the bill to the client. All of our images actually come from iStockphoto, and even free open-source images if they are of high enough quality.
We even use istockphoto promo codes to save 20% off the regular cost, and then pass the savings onto you.

Web Design Layouts

We use WordPress.org whenever we can, because it is the most popular CMS in the world and also enables us to add as many features as we need to (based on the client’s needs). The layouts are based off the Divi theme, one of the most popular premium themes out there. The design, color scheme and more are chosen via focus group, where we try to align the customer’s needs with our own. We have a developer’s license with Divi, so there’s no additional cost to you.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting Options

As we mentioned on our home page, you can elect to allow us to handle website hosting as well as web development and design. This means we’re a one-stop shop for your business.
The standard package includes website hosting with A Small Orange hosting company, which as we mentioned is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world.

If your website is going to be large and using lots of resources, we may elect for you to choose a VPS (virtual private server) hosting company instead. We have a number of choices for you, and we always negotiate for a free trial of their VPS hosting plans (which we will then pass the savings onto you again!).

12 Dec


Nothing Speaks For You Better Than Results:

Our design team has created hundreds of websites spanning dozens of occupations. From dentists to chiropractors to banks to job training websites. We’ve highlighted three of our proudest creations in our website portfolio below:

1. Phlebotomy.Careers

Phlebotomy.Careers is the first step to creating a career advice empire called ‘training.careers’. This website focuses on Phlebotomy training advice, for curious people looking to become Phlebotomists. As you can imagine, when your occupation involves blood, there’s a lot of rules and regulations about who is qualified to have such a profession. This website gives advice for people in all 50 states of the U.S.

Click To View Website.

For this website, the owners’ goals were to create an easy to read, flexible and responsive website that gave advice quickly and in an easy-to-digest kind of way. The website owners’ preferred a speedy website over a feature-filled one. So we pared down the features and kept it focused on the essentials. The website is 100% responsive, and is infused with high quality stock photography to give an instant impression of being a high-quality website.

The results? The team has hired us to develop job training websites for other professions!

We love repeat business. That means our clients are happy with us…and they want more!

2. Real Estate Webmasters

But, Real Estate Webmasters is a website-making company. Why would they hire another company to develop their own website?

Because they know what they’re doing. REW makes real estate websites for agents who need a fully-functional, reliable website to help convert website visitors into home buyers.
But for creating a website that converts real estate agents into paying clients? That’s a whole new ball game. Luckily they knew to call a company that understood business conversion.

Click To View Website.

The website needed to showcase that REW knew exactly what they were doing. So what did we do? We designed a portfolio on the front page! The front page has a slideshow of previous work by REW. It enables potential real estate agent customers to envision exactly what they want out of their own personal website before they even pick up the phone. So far the conversions for REW have been record-breaking. We couldn’t be prouder.

3. Zions Bank

Banks aren’t exactly known for their creative websites, and there’s a good reason: banks need to be safe. Banks need to be efficient. Banks know that time is money. Every customer that visits their website is a potential paying customer, and they don’t want to consistently be losing out on potential transactions. So what did Zions bank, looking for all these things, do?
They came to us. Understated and efficient? It’s practically our calling card.

Click to view website.

The website has a simple but elegant blue and gold color scheme, which is common among many high-end banks. The website enables you to login on the left, or investigate their multiple offers for ETF’s or Home Equity Credit Lines. We embedded a subtle slider that changes on these offers, based on who is more likely to click. An investor will come in quickly and want to see exactly what they’re looking for…so we have investments as the first slider. The second slider is a feature to consolidate your account fees into one. Someone on the website for more than 30 seconds is likely fumbling for their wallet and pulling out their ATM card to punch in the numbers. Wouldn’t an easier option be more convenient?