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Create an Oustanding Customer Experience with GoDaddy Promo Codes & Chat Support

How would you rate a service provider that allows customers to do anything they want even if it’s as ridiculous as bringing a wild feral goat into their premises? This is exactly what Apple Stores are famous for. The store’s customer service is known for tolerating customers’ eccentricities, which was proved in front of the whole world when the famous comedian, Mark Malkoff, actually brought a real goat into an Apple Store while testing the limit to which Apple is willing to tolerate its customers.

To everyone’s surprise, not only they allowed him to do this but not a single employee was ruffled. While he kept pushing the staff to the wall, no one kicked him out of the store because they believe in providing their customers an enriching experience, no matter how horrible he gets. The lesson to be learned here is that businesses must be willing to create a one-of-a-kind experience for their customers as it is the only thing that will move the brand forward.

Keep Your Costs Down with GoDaddy Promo Codes

When you aren’t spending as much on your web hosting and domain name registration you can afford to spend more on customer service and therefore an excellent customer experience. We personally use go daddy for our hosting because they have excellent service (see how important it is!) and they have really good deals too if you know where to look! No worries if you use a different hosting provider, just so a quick search for their name plus ‘coupons’ and you should find something to set you up with a discount.

godaddy promo codes

Strategies to provide Outstanding Customer Service

Is your customer easily able to find you? Do you create a pleasant first impression? Are your products intuitive? Today, all online businesses must ask themselves these questions when going for exceptional customer experience.

Search Engine Visibility & Website Organization

Before you can ever hope to attract your first customer, you must first spend time setting up your website. Making sure that your content is organized in a logical and clear fashion not only makes for a good user experience on your website, it also makes it easier for search engines such as Google to crawl and index your website. Poorly organized or overly complicated websites rarely do well in search engine rankings. First and foremost you want to make sure that your website looks good to humans, but you may have also heard of the term ‘on-page SEO’. We don’t have time to get into the topic in it’s full depth here, but the basics are making use of your header tags on your pages, as well as making sure you have clear content organization and navigation.

Add Live Chat Support to your Website

Live chat support Service allows you the freedom to communicate 24/7, which in turn inculcates customers’ confidence in you. The more you empower them, the more they feel valued and hence relate to the whole process of buying and selling. Online customer service provides a convenient medium of communication. Although there is no face-to-face interaction involved, company reps are still invariably involved and present.

Intuitive service is essential to maintain long-term relationships with customers. Continually solving complex customer problems while making use of tracking components and chat transcripts through online customer care can help companies understand customers’ perspective and deliver the solution of their choice. The more they analyze, the easier it becomes to deliver a personalized experience. If you notice the same problem or complaint coming up over and over again in your chat logs then you can either seek to solve the issue or offer better customer education before they purchase.

Online Customer Support is an online CRM application which proffers customer support through live chat. The web-based tool aims to enhance the online shopping experience. Instead of tying you down, customer service representatives (CSRs) are hired to live chat with website visitors. Thereby, allowing you to take care of other aspects of your business. Although your website may be jam-packed with killer features, Online customer support boosts consumer confidence by guaranteeing 24/7 support in a language choice of the customers’ choosing. No more calling a hotline number to hear a thick foreign accent. Customers can chat with a live chat representative whether it is in English, German, and Arabic. CSRs are courteous and well-trained to answer questions regarding product features, pricing, delivery, and return policies.

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