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Our New Focus: Daily Deal and Coupon Websites

We at are Adding a New Field of Expertise.

This is an exciting announcement. The talented people at Chama Digital are fresh from a company meeting where we have been given the green-light to create a ‘daily-deal and coupon website’ division. This means that we’ll be creating high quality deals sites (think’s deals or means that if you or someone you know wants to take advantage of this growing market, we will create a high-converting, quality website that will give you a leg up on the competition.

Why The New Change?

This isn’t a change in focus at Chama Digital. We still create amazing medical and real estate websites. But we wanted to expand our reputation and create coupon sites as well.

Part of the motivation comes from our CTO’s frustration with current Coupon sites. Frederick Wall (our Chief Technology Officer) was trying to find a hotels discount code for an Amazon purchase, and he came across dozens of low quality websites like that had long expired codes that you needed to click to reveal.

That whole exercise in frustration made him realize that the only way you can make a change is to ‘be the change’. So we’ve been working on several mock-ups for coupon sites that will revolutionize how user’s will interact with these websites.

Our Inspirations:

While it’s a little early to discuss specifics, we’d like to share our inspirations behind our new Coupon website layouts:

1. Groupon

groupon website layout
Groupon’s website has personalized recommendations.

Groupon’s website is great to use, even if you’re on your mobile phone. The site uses geo-targeting to detect where you are and only show you offers that are relevant to you.

If you’re in San Francisco, you don’t want to view deals for haircuts in Iowa (at least, most of the time). This ensures that they don’t waste valuable screen real estate on non-relevant content. We are working on a system that will deliver our client’s a similar functionality for their websites.


Goodsearch lives up to its name by adding philanthropy to their business model. As a customer, you can choose which charity your savings will go to. You can even support worthy causes by doing your regular shopping, and by clicking on a certain button ‘they call it ‘Goodshop’ you can support a local theatre, for example. They somehow find a way to make customers feel great about shopping online.


This is a brand new site with some cutting edge technology for extreme couponers. Visitors can go to their website, find the merchant or coupon they’re looking for, and then signup with their newsletter so that you can get coupon codes delivered to your inbox.

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